Simple Lemon Curd

Simple Lemon Curd

Simple Lemon Curd

Curds and tart and sweet but this one was great because you can taste the butter. It’s super simple and fun to make and you really don’t need to go to the grocery store to make it. I served the curd on top of short bread cookies with a cup of tea. Some people eat it straight but it does not have a good texture change in it. I would give this tea time treat 4 stars. It was a great treat.

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Sun dried tomato humus

Sun dried tomato humus

Sun dried tomato hummus

It was very simple and had a freshness from the lemon and a bite from the garlic. This was so easy to make; it took me 5 minutes to make. You need a food prosseser and not a blender! I suggest serving it cold and adding two more teaspoons of lemon juice. You can add all most anything to the hummus such as: pesto,sun dried tomatoes,roasted red peppers,pine nuts, garlic and artichokes.I used sugar snap peas to dip into the hummus because it adds a crunch! I give this recipe four stars for its versatility.

If you would like to make this recipe click the link!