Potato Dauphine

Potato Dauphine

Potato Dauphine

I loved this dish! I made it for Christmas dinner and it was great for the occasion. It had a buttery and creamy taste and smelled amazing!

Next time, I will add less olive oil because there was a little too much in the recipe for the dish. It took me 2 hours to make, but was worth it in the end. I served it with a mustard chicken, which I posted above, they worked great together.

I give the Dauphine 4 stars. I got this recipe from the Jamie Oliver Meals in Minutes cook book. When I saw it, I had to make it!


One thought on “Potato Dauphine

  1. Fantastic dish GG. Loved the aroma, and loved eating it even more. Noticed that there was nonthing left at the end of dinner :–) always a good sign. Think you would have made Jamie Oliver proud.
    Love Dad

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